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New Song Revealed – Patsy Cline

It’s a sad, sad song. It’s a song about the kind of love that’s really not good for you. It’s an old theme with a new twist. It mixes Americana…

All Them Ghosts – The Debut Album

Good Day Darlings. The record is finished. It’s mixed, it’s mastered. And the artwork is black and white. Nothing went as planned. Trying to control the making of this record was…

I Remember Her – A lens flared Americana Summer tune.

I Remember Her is a summer tune. Not because of its production, which was not intended for any particular release, but because it was written in the summer, because it…

All The Way Home – Broken Americana Lullabies

All The Way Home, The Pretty Little Horses is a 4 track EP that was recorded in the night with an acoustic guitar and a broken voice. It is a…

Neukölln Meets Nashville in a Tribute to Patsy Cline

This weekend I went out to Neukölln and brought a bit of Nashville fashion along. Here’s a glimpse at what we did. And yes…there is a point to all these…

I’m on Twitter.

We’ll see. But I created a Twitter account where you can follow my random thoughts on music and music people. Or life. Life is music too so it doesn’t matter….

Sweet Fortune Tellin Ma – A Bandita Ballad

Today we thought we’d share a tune from the upcoming album with the world. This is not the final mastered take you’ll hear in a little time, but it’s a…


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