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I Remember Her – A lens flared Americana Summer tune.

I Remember Her is a summer tune. Not because of its production, which was not intended for any particular release, but because it was written in the summer, because it…

All The Way Home – Broken Americana Lullabies

All The Way Home, The Pretty Little Horses is a 4 track EP that was recorded in the night with an acoustic guitar and a broken voice. It is a…

Neukölln Meets Nashville in a Tribute to Patsy Cline

This weekend I went out to Neukölln and brought a bit of Nashville fashion along. Here’s a glimpse at what we did. And yes…there is a point to all these…

I’m on Twitter.

We’ll see. But I created a Twitter account where you can follow my random thoughts on music and music people. Or life. Life is music too so it doesn’t matter….

Sweet Fortune Tellin Ma – A Bandita Ballad

Today we thought we’d share a tune from the upcoming album with the world. This is not the final mastered take you’ll hear in a little time, but it’s a…

Upcoming shows

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