I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry. Or cover a song or two.


Broken Hearted Covers: I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry

Darlings, I’m recording my second album. It’s a hell of a lot of work. But the new songs will be worth it. Now the record won’t be done before some months and while I had all that gear plugged in and still smoking hot from the hours of work, I started to record bits and pieces of covers. Just because I felt like it. And because maybe these songs are part of the thinking and feeling while making my own stuff. I was getting into the covers a lot even though it was not my thing to start with. And I decided that mid-way between All Them Ghosts (which you can still purchase on iTunes or stream on Spotify in repeat to help me make the second record) and the next one, I’ll release some of these covers bridging both efforts. And here is a preview. For now only on Soundcloud drop by drop. I like the rough takes. And I hope you will too.

First drop: I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry – Hank Williams.



Hello Darlings

Hello Darlings,

It’s been a bit since I wrote here. I’ve been hibernating and writing notes on the production of my second album. I got the name. I’m finishing the artwork. I got the songs. But I’m only starting to record them. I’m aiming for an even more hybrid sound, I name it French-Mex-Americana. While I cook that stuff, you can still listen to my debut album or a previous EP on Spotify or download free music from me on Noisetrade.

To keep in touch while I finish this second record, which will take a few months at least, I’ll share some acoustic versions of the tracks you already know. I’ll also come see some of you in Italy and Belgium soon. And other places too Inch’ Allah.

I’m leaving you for now with this lovely picture I stumbled upon without looking for anything. And I think it’s a much more accurate representation of me than an instagram selfie could be right now. She will be part of the new record. And so I swear to that poor tiger: you’ll love the new songs.



Like In Every Country Song

Or why I love Country Music.

“Like in every country song, I fell from my barstool…”

corn_smileThat’s the first line. Like In Every Country Song is my lightest track to date even though it appears to be a heartbreak song. But it isn’t. It’s a love declaration, a tribute to all these country songs I love so much. These misunderstood, underrated, overlooked country songs that many people consider stupid hillbilly material. How can they not feel it? The soul in these songs, the bitter sorrow in lyrics like  “I lay my head on the wheel and the horn begins honking, the whole neighborhood knows that I’m home drunk again”. And yeah, it’s music for the people but some of it is pure genius. What I love in country music is that it is so much more than what many people think it is. Yes there is the shite. There’s the American idol recycled doll and the plastic cowboy turning on your grandma by that barn. Yes, and that’s a good laugh. But when it gets good, country music cuts to the bone and pours directly into the heart. It’s honest and emotional and it takes quite some craft and awesome musicians to play it. So, here’s my take on it. And one day hopefully, a full length full of steel guitars and twang. I’m thinking ’bout it.

Want more Country? Follow my evergrowing list of why I love Country Music on Spotify:


NOTE if you bought the album

If you bought the album please message hey@paulineandres.com for a free download of the correct version of Highway Landscapes. Please include a screenshot/FWD of your receipt. Our really bad distributor fucked up the version of this track and this is being corrected but of course, we want you to have everything right and will hit you with a link to a free download. Sorry for the inconvenience, the album is still cursed and CD Baby just made it worse.

Please make sure you use this iTunes Link to download the album with the right version of Highway Landscapes:


Your support makes all the difference.

Thank you!


New Song Revealed – Patsy Cline

It’s a sad, sad song. It’s a song about the kind of love that’s really not good for you. It’s an old theme with a new twist. It mixes Americana & Alternative sounds and is the closest I have released to a love song. So far… yes. more are in the making.

Patsy Cline is song #2 on the upcoming album All Them Ghosts (out October 14th 2014). You can pre-order the record, and get Patsy Cline right now on iTunes or just stream it below.  Enjoy. P.A



All Them Ghosts – The Debut Album

Pauline Andres - All Them GhostsGood Day Darlings.

The record is finished. It’s mixed, it’s mastered. And the artwork is black and white. Nothing went as planned. Trying to control the making of this record was like trying to control a child that was no longer a child. Trying to control the weather. Or anything that is not for you to control. I wrote all the songs on this record. I thought they were mine. That was very foolish.

The making of this record took a year. Pretty much exactly & excluding songwriting. All Them Ghosts was supposed to be recorded live in the studio with a team of 3 musicians and one sound engineer. Bad things happened. I got very sick, our drummer left the country, money disappeared, so did time. Some disasters along the way are too personal to be discussed here (but hey, a second album is in the pipes) and all the deadlines we tried to meet were ridiculously ignored. But during this difficult period of time, we kept recording, re-recording, going back to original takes, arranging, cutting off and drinking wine and smoking cigarettes. There was not enough cigarettes in the world to make it all okay. But sometimes there was a moment when we’d listen to a take or a song that was finding its own shape. And that was magical. I’m proud of the result. I don’t know who will listen and who will not and I know that some people will spit on the record and call it crap. It’s all fine because I know it’s not. I know it’s not because this motherfucker hurt everything around me for a year and I still believe in its goodness. It started as a joke outside the recording room where a lifeless Hammond organ was waiting for the ghost of an old woman to come play him: ‘This record is cursed’. It’s not a joke anymore and the curse is part of this record’s DNA. I think it makes it as exciting to explore as a haunted house in the woods. It takes a little faith to come in, but you’ll come out feeling…different.

All Them Ghosts. Out October 14th 2014. 



I Remember Her – A lens flared Americana Summer tune.

I Remember Her

I Remember Her is a summer tune.

Not because of its production, which was not intended for any particular release, but because it was written in the summer, because it reminds me of the summer when I was a kid and ended up shining with this beautiful vintage Telecaster sound and fair organ swirl. It’s quite nonchalent, but without knowing it, you will be stomping to the rhythm.

Listen for free on Spotify.

Buy it on iTunes and own it forever.


enjoy Pauline’s refreshingly unique blend of southern rock and European coolness.” – Groundsounds.com



All The Way Home – Broken Americana Lullabies

All The Way Home, The Pretty Little Horses is a 4 track EP that was recorded in the night with an acoustic guitar and a broken voice. It is a tribute to the folk tradition that inspires me everyday. It’s raw, it’s honest. These are songs that I sang for the sake of singing them and wanted to share with you to keep them travelling the way they always have while adding a little stone of my own; an original song called ‘All The Way Home’.

Listen to the new song and 2 covers plus an alternative version of Motherless Children below. You know I love it when you share and comment too. Thank you for listening.  You can download all 4 songs on iTunes here or for FREE on Noisetrade!


Neukölln Meets Nashville in a Tribute to Patsy Cline

This weekend I went out to Neukölln and brought a bit of Nashville fashion along. Here’s a glimpse at what we did. And yes…there is a point to all these fringes and the cowboy hat.

Pictures by Ceven Knowles


Pauline Andres Patsy Cline 2

Pauline Andres Patsy Cline


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